What is Multi-dimensional healing?

All over the planet, humans have had an indigenous spirituality which predates the patriarchal religions by millennia. This is the spirituality of connection through consciousness. Traditionally, certain people were initiated into working with altered states of consciousness and served as healers and guides for members of the community in need. People understood that our world is full of energies and that those energies can be felt and communicated with. This included ancestors and the energies of places in nature, in particular. It was normal to use altered states of consciousness to open up to this connection and communication and to receive healing. After doing that for 40,000 years, in our current era, this traditional practice is viewed with suspicion or confusion. In Europe, traditional healers were called witches and killed by the church. But this is the spirituality of all cultures on Earth, and has been from the farthest reaches of time.

In my healing work, this traditional form of support has opened up through combining Reiki with hypnotherapy, Brainspotting, and my own spiritual connection. I have also created a conservatory or greenhouse full of the chi or life energy of big, healthy plants and a clear roof and walls opening to the sky and the natural world. I have been surprised, honored and overjoyed to find that people’s loved ones who have left the body are showing up every week to work with them and to use the healing space I have created to work through me. This has opened the door to doing ┬áprofound, life changing work that I’m really excited to be able to offer to the community. I am using a massage table with the sacred sound “om” vibrating from below so that your body feels the that in the bilateral rhythm which is the basis of Brainspotting. We can enter into a beautiful, natural altered state of consciousness in which healing and guidance flow at the highest and deepest levels. We can work with physical, emotional and spiritual imbalances and you can reconnect with your Soul’s deepest wisdom and True Nature. You don’t have to travel to another country to dive deep into another realm of healing through the ground of Being, the Source Field, pure, spacious awareness, or however you like to language it.