“Our work together has raised my quality of life consistently, supporting me to develop my own sense of spirituality and self and work through my life’s toughest challenges. Julisa teaches what she lives, a huge range of tools, as well as how to build a foundation in life, all of which has helped me to heal and given me support on every level- physical, emotional, spiritual and financial. I’ve overcome many things including big struggles with addiction. I’ve consistently learned how to value and care for myself better and have healthier relationships. All along, Julisa has held such loving space for me, during sessions and outside of them.  If she hadn’t been so committed to my happiness these last few years, I’m sure I would have lost faith.”
– C. B., Golden

“Julisa has guided and supported me in the work of deep transformation. I am much more peaceful, free, and empowered in my day-to-day life from having been her client. She is patient, gentle, intuitive and very skilled. Julisa’s high level of integrity and commitment to her clients’ growth and health is rare. Her lifelong commitment to her own growth comes across in her work and has inspired me. She is truly “walking the walk.”
– M. J., Boulder

“Julisa has a passion for helping you to reconnect with the Divine and helping you to feel the flow and presence in every part of your physical being, which brings healing, light and release. I particularly value her desire to help me understand how that awareness of presence and flow can surround and hold me everyday experiences physically, mentally and emotionally, and not be just one-off experiences scheduled for a set time and place. Through brainspotting work, breathing techniques and guided meditation, Julisa has helped me to identify the places in my physical body where I have stored up pain, anger and sadness, and to allow the presence and light of God to flow through and heal by bringing awareness to those blockages. This work has then helped me to feel lighter and happier outside of therapy and has renewed in me a desire to get back into the habit of turning to the overwhelming love and grace of God when new challenges and struggles arise — allowing them to serve as opportunities for personal growth and as a catalyst for drawing even closer to God.”
– Hannah, Boulder

“As I have been met with one devastation after another over the past 4 years, Julisa has been with me every step of the way. After losing much of my old life in a very short period of time, I was left with little perspective on life and virtually no understanding of who I was. I have no doubt in my mind that I would not be here today if it had not been for Julisa’s commitment, expertise, empathy, and genuine desire to understand exactly what I have been going through with each new challenge I have had to face. No matter what the circumstance, Julisa has had ideas for ways to help me work with my situation and my pain. She has consistently been able to see the real me that has endured behind all of my loss and suffering, and with her acute dedication and deeply perceptive guidance, I am coming out the other end of this learning how to do the same.”
– K, Boulder

To say Julisa has changed my life is an understatement. She has helped me heal wounds which felt so deep I thought I might never recover. I have let go of codependent relationships and feel happier than I have my entire life…I finally have the skills to get through this life.”

-L.F., Parker

“As teacher and therapist, Julisa addresses my whole self, body/mind/spirit, leading me to discover more authenticity, wellness and meaning in my life. Her insight, compassion, intuition and whole-hearted presence are rooted in the dedication she brings to her own spiritual practice and inner work.”
– Janice, Boulder

“I sought out Julisa for help with weight issues and depression that had plagued me for years. Not only have I seen a tremendous improvement in those symptoms, but I have also learned how to delve into my subconscious mind and find their underlying causes. I have been shocked and amazed to discover how many factors, big and small, old and new, have contributed to the extra pounds. This is not a quick-fix weight loss fad. This is a real, lasting solution with benefits that ripple out into every area of my life. Thanks to Julisa’s help, I am finally learning to heal the root causes of my weight problem and, in so doing, healing a number of my issues as well! I also appreciate the wealth of practical nutritional information she has shared with me. Through a combination of therapy and amino acid supplements, I am no longer on anti-depressants. I have more energy and confidence, and I am on way to good health! Best of all, I am learning to love and honor myself as I am now while still working toward a healthier, happier me!

– Rachel, Boulder

“After 37 years of failing at dieting, and over 20 years of morbid obesity, Julisa helped turn my life around. I’ve tried getting help from various kinds of professionals over the years for both dieting and emotional/relationship challenges in my life. No one compares to Julisa. Her compassion, experience, and directness coupled with the specific techniques she uses are profoundly effective. She helps you process what is keeping you from moving forward, and simultaneously teaches you how to work through things on your own. It’s not a fast process, but once you turn the corner on what is holding you back, progress can be amazing. So far I’ve lost 60 pounds, and for the first time in my life I feel confident about losing the rest of my excess weight. And more importantly, I am not worried about it coming back. I am changed. Not just my relationships with food and my body, but with others. I am starting to live the life I want and not the life I felt I had to lead. I am truly grateful to Julisa and recommend her to anyone who needs to make changes in their life or needs support in dealing with life’s challenges.”

Jenn, Louisville, 

I just wanted to say thank you for my session on Friday. I had no idea what to expect but drove home smiling the whole way. It feels like that was just what I needed before my surgery tomorrow. I also wanted to tell you how impressed I was with your work. I was honestly stunned by your ability to keep your emotions completely out and allow the entire space for your patient. I have been to many therapists, doctors and healers and am not sure I have ever come across someone so capable of stepping completely out of the way and just allowing the space for the patient. That really is a gift.”

– Chrissy, Boulder

“I’ve had thirteen therapists in my life (I know, I know), and I can definitely say that Julisa is the best. I’ve been able to get down to the core of my work relatively quickly and make major progress after a major emotional bottom. I appreciate her holistic multi-modal approach: nutrition and exercise, meditation, cognitive work on thoughts and beliefs, grief work, body-centered work on trauma. Brainspotting combined with talk therapy is a good combination for me. Her intuition is pretty amazing. There have been several times that a question or comment of hers led to a huge insight on my part. I feel strongly understood by her–a pretty rare experience for me.”

Johnathan, Boulder

“One thing that distinguishes Julisa from so many other therapists is that she is constantly learning new theories and techniques and keeping up on current research. What impresses me the most is how quickly and deeply she incorporates new ideas into her work, so that she is always growing as a therapist.”

Sally, Boulder

My work with Julisa has been life changing. I have learned to regulate my emotions and set firm boundaries through a deeper connection with my Self. I love her mind/body approach. Talk therapy has never really cut it for me and through various body- and heart-centered techniques, she has helped me connect with, and learn to love, myself so much more. This has in turn helped strengthen my relationships, my productivity at work, improved my sleep, and most importantly, has strengthened my connection to my Self, which I was lacking for so long. I am eternally grateful to her for the changes that she helped me make in my life.”
– Katherine, Boulder

“Julisa has worked with us to learn tools for dealing with emotions in a productive and positive manner and being able to communicate about important things. We have found EFT to be very helpful and making it through one of the hardest years of our lives. We use NVC techniques a lot to avoid fighting and have more productive conversations. Julisa has helped us understand ourselves and each other and break out of a negative cycle that is damaging for our relationship and the kids”

-N. Lafayette

“I have become more aware of personality types which has allowed me to really understand friends, co-workers and family members on a much deeper level. I am so much more compassionate, professional and have more real relationships with these people. Julisa is a kind, compassionate, non-judgemental therapist. We have worked through both current and past issues, thought patterns, and personality traits to the point where I am increasingly more aware and able to solve my own negative patterns. My entire being is much more integrated and accepting of myself and others.”

– Tracy, Niwot

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