Energy Work

I find that energy work combined with Transpersonal hypnotherapy and Brainspotting allows healing work to occur at a very deep level. I have been using Reiki since 2005, and typically experience this as a powerful form of guidance and communication with my clients’ energy fields, helpers, and psyche. This work is intuitive and is grounded in heart-centered presence and deep listening . Energy work can be done with physical contact, if you are comfortable with that, or from a slight distance.  I have a massage table which has speakers built into it, allowing you to relax into a deep state, connecting to the profound effect of the sacred sound of “Om” or other powerful healing music which creates the bilateral stimulation needed for Brainspotting. This also facilitates a natural trance state.  I will guide you into connection with your body, higher Self, ancestors, spiritual resources, unconscious and wherever else you need to connect for healing and transformation.  If you choose a table session, I have a beautiful, plant filled conservatory which creates an environment of deep healing, lots of natural light and chi, provided the outside temperature is at least 40 degrees. If you’d prefer to not be in weekly therapy, an alternative is to schedule energy work sessions  whenever you like.

Call or text to schedule a session: (303) 818-6432