Frequently Asked Questions

How many sessions of therapy will I need?
To be honest, this is pretty much an impossible question to answer. The reason why is because it has so much to do with you. Therapy is “brief,” which means six sessions or less, when a person has a very narrowly defined issue they want to resolve. People can have as little as one session when they want to resolve something very specific, such as a fear of making left turns. The issue is that how long therapy takes has to do with your history, including what healing work you have already done. For example, a fear of left turns which is associated with a serious car accident would take several sessions to resolve. However, if it is associated with an underlying anxiety condition and panic attacks, resolving that could get into deeper work with childhood issues, or diet, or other larger, more complex issues. Without knowing about this kind of background and your capacity to enter into mindfulness and access your own internal experience, I couldn’t give you an answer. The closest I could offer is to give some estimate after one to three sessions.

Will my insurance cover therapy?
Seeing me means that you will have to deal with your insurance company directly; I am not in any insurance networks. I can give you a receipt for your sessions to submit for out of network reimbursement. The best way for you to answer this question is to talk to your insurance company directly and find out what your counseling benefits are.

How quickly will I know if therapy is working?
The type of work I do is very oriented to getting to the bottom of issues as quickly as possible. This is why I have a 15 question intake form. Clients normally experience a shift in each session, and feel differently (and normally better) as they leave the session. You should be able to tell within two or three sessions if it is a good fit for you and moving in the direction you need to go. You are encouraged to ask questions and bring up and concerns you may have.

How do I know if this is the right type of therapy for me?
I have a lot of information on this website about what kind of therapy I offer. My focus is to be able to get to the roots of issues and bring healing at the deepest level. This is why I work primarily with the unconscious mind and the deeper layers of the body, including the gut and the nervous system. I encourage you to read what I have written about the techniques and methods I use, and if it resonates, try a couple of sessions. That should give you enough information to get a sense of if it is a fit for you.

You seem to charge less than other therapists, why is that?
I’ve had a pleasantly full practice for more than a decade, so it’s not to try to fill my schedule. I mostly work with people longer term, which means at least six months, and often several years. I enjoy doing really deep work and seeing powerful and exciting changes in people’s lives. It means a lot to me to really care about my clients and give them much more than they were expecting. So, I like to make therapy affordable in a sustainable way. I see much better results when people come consistently every week, and I don’t overfill my schedule with more people than I can see every week. So I offer a the tenth session for free for making the commitment to coming every week and not canceling more than once in the ten sessions. This is a very effective structure for maximum benefit from counseling. I really enjoy working with people who are serious about their goals, and are committed to the process. I  see no need to charge more money just because my colleagues do or because I can. It is very connected to my spiritual values about service and treating people as lovingly as I can.

” Our work together has raised my quality of life consistently, supporting me to develop my own sense of spirituality and self and work through my life’s toughest challenges. Julisa teaches what she lives, a huge range of tools, as well as how to build a foundation in life, all of which has helped me to heal and given me support on every level- physical, emotional, spiritual and financial. I’ve overcome many things including big struggles with addiction. I’ve consistently learned how to value and care for myself better and have healthier relationships. All along, Julisa has held such loving space for me, during sessions and outside of them.  If she hadn’t been so committed to my happiness these last few years, I’m sure I would have lost faith.”

-C. B., Golden

“Julisa has guided and supported me in the work of deep transformation. I am much more peaceful, free, and empowered in my day-to-day life from having been her client. She is patient, gentle, intuitive and very skilled. Julisa’s high level of integrity and commitment to her clients’ growth and health is rare. Her lifelong commitment to her own growth comes across in her work and has inspired me. She is truly “walking the walk.”

– M. J., Boulder

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