Julisa Adams, MA, CHT

Brainspotting, Transpersonal Hypnotherapy, Reiki/Somatic/Energy work, Holistic therapy, natural health coaching

Accelerated healing for accelerated times

Self-realization psychotherapy is about working through your issues to access the core of your being, your True Nature,  and helping it integrate into your life .  We will will use cutting edge tools to go way beyond talk therapy, letting you access the healing power of awareness, body wisdom and spiritual, or Transpersonal resources. Combining all these tools allows us to work with multiple levels of your being as one whole, creating deep and organic shifts which can be felt in each session. You have the option of working in the traditional weekly therapy framework or scheduling one or more hypnotherapy/Reiki/ energy work/Polarity sessions.

I specialize in developmental trauma, sexual abuse, weight issues, depression, spiritual/existential issues, and auto-immune disorders. I combine all the modalities I use into a unique and fluid process of engaging your whole system and releasing negative programming from your subconscious mind. I typically start with talking, and integrate breathwork, parts work,  hypnosis, and brainspotting. Reiki and energy work (table sessions) are an option if you choose, and are very deep and effective.  EFT is used to release core blocks and outdated programming in your subconscious mind. This means that you are receiving the benefit of all of these types of therapy at once, integrated into a powerful, gentle, dynamic, and transformative whole. I also give clients lots of tools to use at home to accelerate the healing process, as well as health and spiritual coaching. There are specific pages with more details about my specialties and methods if you’d like to learn more.

Call or text to schedule a session: (303) 818-6432

email: JulisaAdams@gmail.com